EUROBIKE 2013 August 28–31, 2013

EUROBIKE 2013EUROBIKE is considered one of the world’s most influential industry trade fairs and Europe’s largest bicycle exposition. More than 41,000 trade visitors from 101 countries, 1,700 journalists from 35 countries and over 22,000 cycling fans visited Eurobike last September. This year the five-day event will begin Tuesday, August 27th outdoors with Demo Day. The Trade Expo will open Wednesday August 28th and run through Friday. The fair will finish with Public Day on Saturday, August 31st.

For more information, please visit the official EUROBIKE website or download the EUROBIKE 2013 mobile application.

Bicycle Tubes – Repair or Replace

Repairing a flat tire

When you do a lot of riding especially in cold and wet weather, a flat tire when you are a few miles from home can be very unpleasant thing to deal with. Other than walking home there are two options you are left with in such a scenario, repairing the punctured tube or replacing it (assuming that you are not riding tubeless tires). Continue reading