Zefal Profil Max FP30 Floor Pump Review

Zefal Profil Max FP30 Floor PumpIf you are in the market for good floor pump that will be the main workhorse of your tire pumping activities, the Zefal Profil Max FP30 floor pump is an excellent choice.

The barrel, made from steel with a polymer base and handle, brings the total weight around 1.3kg, which is quite light having in mind the built quality of this floor pump. The built-in pressure gauge has a nice magnifier glass for a better view of the desired pressure (just rotate the red ring to move it) shown in both PSI and bars. The max pressure is 160 PSI or 11 bars which is enough for any kind of road or mountain bike.

Zefal Profil Max FP30 Floor PumpThe 1100mm hose is quite long and the universal Z-Switch valve head fits both Schraeder and Presta valves. The clamp is quite powerful and locks the valve tightly, thus preventing any air from escaping while pumping.

Zefal Profil Max FP30 Floor PumpPumping mountain bike tires with the Zefal Profil Max FP30 takes only seconds. Road bike tires which are very hard to pump due to the high pressure needed (120 PSI) take around 20-30 seconds.

Zefal Profil Max FP30 Floor PumpAs for the size, the Zefal Profil Max FP30 pump is 66cm high, and 27cm wide. Although most of the time it sits in my garage, it does not take much space in my car trunk too, making it easy to take it with me on my trips.

Pros: built quality, Z-Switch, max-pressure, price, ease of use

Cons: none so far

Value: 10/10

You can get the Zefal Profil Max FP30 / FP50 / FP70 floor pumps online at Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Zefal Profil Max FP30 Floor Pump Review

  1. This pump is just that…pump! I’ve had 2 in 11 months, and they cannot handle anywhere near 160psi…..my latest one lasted for 10 minutes after trying to achieve 120psi. The air will go in….and come out, as the handle shoots up, and the gauge returns to zero after every pump. 2 pumps exactly the same fault-it did work fine for 10 minutes, so ask yourself if that’s value for money before buying one. It is useless for road bikes……you might get away with the 30-60psi most MTBs will require, but I’m absolutely amazed how crap this thing is. Nice review, but totally wrong in my experience.

  2. I have the same pump and no problems so far. Being around 94kg I have to pump the tires of my Giant TCR Adv. road bike up to 120psi and so far I have had no problems. I have not tried 160psi yet since I do not need such high pressures.

  3. Got this pump few months ago. Everything was OK till the Presta valve started to loose the grip. Pumping above 90 psi is impossible if you are not pressing the valve head against the tire very very hard. I ordered a replacement “Z Switch Connection” and in two weeks the problem appeared again.

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