Tip: How to Clean Your Helmet Straps?

 Cleaning Helmet StrapsUnlike the helmet pads, the straps on most high-end cycling helmets like the Giro Ionos / Xar are not removable. As a result they become quite dirty, with a lot of salt and other mineral deposits, dead skin, body fats…, making them the perfect place to cultivate microbial life.

So how to clean your helmet straps?

First, remove the helmet padding, do not try to machine wash the helmet pads, we already covered that topic. Remove the salt deposits by brushing them with a dry brush (hard toothbrushes are perfect for this). Bending the straps helps in removing the salts more easily. This ensures that you get as much of them off before you wet them and they just soak in deeper.

Now put the straps under warm (not hot) running water and brush them again. You can put some mild soap / detergent on the brush to clean them better. Rinse the helmet straps assuring that there is no soap or detergent left and leave the helmet to dry.

If your helmet straps smell, wash them as described above, leave them to dry and spray them with an antibacterial shoe spray. Let the spray dry and just to make sure, wash them again to remove any leftovers from the spray that might cause skin irritations.


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