Endura Deluge Zipless Overshoes Review

Endura Deluge Zipless OvershoesThe Endura Deluge Zipless are great overshoes that not only look good, but will keep your feet warm in cold wintery weather.

Made from stretchy neoprene without any zippers or Velcro straps, the Endura Deluge Zipless fit snugly on your feet. At fist, I was a bit worried that I will rip them while trying to put them on my shoes, but then I realized that they can take a lot of abuse without any problem. Just keep them away from sharp and pointy objects.

The lack of zippers and Velcro makes putting the overshoes on a bit more complicated, you have to unroll them over your shoes, but the fit justifies the effort.

I wear size 46 in both Shimano and Sidi, MTB and road bike shoes, the Sidi’s being Mega (the wide feet model) and the Extra Large size fits them perfectly.

As far as windchill is concerned they protect the feet quite well and even are on the warmer side. Light rain and road splash present no issue, but if you ride a bit longer in rain they eventually will let the water through.

I bought the Endura Deluge Zipless overshoes last autumn, just as it was getting colder, so after a full season of almost daily use, you can get an idea about the durability from the photo above.

Pros: Warm, durable, reflective elements on front / back

Cons: None

Value: 10/10 Highly recommended

You can get the Endura Deluge Zipless Overshoes online at: Chain Reaction Cycles

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