Barbieri Chain Cleaner

Barbieri Chain Cleaner The Barbieri Chain Cleaner simplifies the process of cleaning your bike chain without creating too big of a mess.

Cleaning the bike chain is one of my least favorite things to do, maybe because it involves getting my hands quite dirty. The Barbieri Chain Cleaner was made to make this process easier and help better clean the inner part of the bike chain links.

The chain cleaner has a pretty basic construction, chamber for the degreaser and 3 rotating brushes that go in the degreaser and then go through the inner parts of the bike chain links.

Barbieri Chain CleanerTo clean the chain, you pour the degreaser inside, put the top part in to lock the chain between the brushes and turn the cranks so that the whole chain goes through the cleaner. In a minute or less, most of the dirt from the inside of the chain will be gone. Since there are no side brushes, cleaning the outside of the chain is not as good as one would like it to be, but being in contact with the degreaser it is easier to clean with a cloth or an old towel afterwards.

The provided degreaser is good and gets the job done. On the other hand the provided lubricant was a bit too liquidish for my taste, so eventually you might want to use your own lubricant of choice.

What I personally did not like about the Barbieri Chain Cleaner, was the amount of degreaser lost from the font chain opening, that seemed to spray out as the chain passed through the cleaner.

The included degreaser is enough for 2-3 chain cleanings, but you can replace it with any other degreaser afterwards. The cleaner itself seems to be durable and can last at least for a 10-15 uses or maybe even more.

Pros: Cheap, the degreaser is good, cleans the inner part of the chain well

Cons: Large amount of degreaser is lost as spray, no brushes for the chain link walls

Value: 7/10

You can get the Barbieri Chain Cleaner online at Amazon and ProBikeKit.

2 thoughts on “Barbieri Chain Cleaner

  1. I have the same Barbieri Chain Cleaner.

    You wrote ” …can last at least for a 10-15 uses or maybe even more.”
    I’d say it will last for hundreds of uses, I used it countless times already, and it still works great.

  2. I have this chain cleaner; as I had it stored away once I received it*, until I worn-down my used chain cleaner. Now that I was to open it, I paid more attention to it. *Originally, I thought all the time it was just a shortened design of the F.L. chain cleaner; but it be not. As the scrubber brushes be missing.
    I now looked on the ‘Barbieri’ website, but nothing shown of replacement brushes.
    I dont believe in items that dont access replacement parts.
    I do have ha Pedros Instant Chain Cleaner, as I know that Pedros be too reliable, so to not do what ‘Barbieri’ be doing. As (prediction be that) ‘Barbieri’ likely wont reply to my letter sent (via online). I hope to be proven wrong in that. If ‘Barbieri’ will reply; chances are too high there be no replacement parts. If there will be replacement parts avail; those parts will be not feasible in cost. YES: consumer buying in the cycling industry is not easy.

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