Are Giro Helmet Pads Really Machine Washable?

Giro-Helmet-PaddingEarlier, we reviewed the Giro Ionos Helmet and we liked it a lot. But, after using it for a while it was time to wash the helmet pads.

The X-Static helmet pads with anti-microbial silver fibers did their job very well taking a lot of sweat for 3-4 weeks. Unlike some other cheaper pads, there was no discomfort or skin irritation.

Giro says that the helmet padding is machine washable (the X-Static and the winter padding), we did not test the winter pads, but the X-Static were machine washed at 30°C without fabric softener and a mild detergent we use for all our sensitive biking clothing.

The result, as you can see on the photo above, was a bit disappointing. The black lining on the bottom detached from the pads. The biggest pads suffered the most.

We took the second pair of pads that Giro provided with the helmet and hand washed them in cold water with a little detergent.  Problem solved, the pads did not suffer any damage.

The conclusion from all this was that the Giro helmet pads are not really machine washable and if you want to keep using your pads as long as possible, hand wash them in cold water.

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