Endura Convert Softshell Jacket Review

Endura Convert Softshell Jacket Review

The Endura Convert Softshell Jacket has a lot of features for a relatively reasonably priced jacket, featuring a windproof membrane, good water repellent outer shell, a lot of pockets, and removable sleeves.

As for the fit you will find it is a bit more slimmed down then your usual Endura tops, for an example the Endura Humvee jersey in size L is a bit too loose for me but this jacket for my 188cm and 90kg is a tight, but not that tight fit. The sleeves are long enough and not floppy at all.

Endura Convert Softshell JacketOn the front of the jacket there is one chest pocket, the collar is high and not that tight so you can fit a turtle neck base layer underneath without any problems. On the back you have 3 large pockets and a small zipped pocket for your valuables.

Endura Convert Softshell JacketAll in all the Endura Convert Softshell jacket has a nice not too tight fit and it is quite comfortable to wear. In my opinion it is the perfect balance between a road bike and mountain bike figure cut. On the inside the material is not fleeced, nor it has any kind of special insulation, but keeps the heat pretty well. The windproof fabric used for this jacket it is not super flexible and stretchy, but it is stretchy enough and does what it is supposed to do, blocks the cold air out.

The detachable sleeves are a good option if you get too hot and want to turn this jacket into a windproof vest, there are 2 zippers on each sleeve. Once you get the sleeves off the jacket, the back pockets have plenty of room to store them until you need them again. If you do not wish to take the sleeves off, you can just unzip the front ones for a bit more ventilation.

While this is not exactly a winter jacket, or in my opinion a jacket at all (more like a jersey) it is a quite versatile piece of clothing that you can use in autumn / early winter conditions between 10-20°C. Using it with warmer and thicker base layers I have managed to be not that cold in rides up to 0°C.

Endura Convert Softshell Jacket ReviewAs far as riding in dump conditions is concerned, this jacket is quite water repellent, keeping you dry in light rain and even snow (but please don’t push it).

Pros: Not that expensive, windproof, water repellent, removable sleeves, a lot of pockets

Cons: Not many reflective elements

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