Sigma BC 2209 MHR Wireless Bike Computer Review

Sigma BC 2209 MHR Wireless Bike Computer ReviewThe Sigma Sport BC 2209 MHR STS is a wireless bike computer designed for mountain bikers and includes everything that you will ever need to keep track of your performance, speed, cadence, hearth rate, temperature and an altimeter. There is also another version, the Sigma Sport BC 2209 Targa, that comes without the cadence sensor which can be bought additionally and it has silver panels on the side instead of black. Continue reading

Shimano SH-MW81 GORE-TEX Winter MTB Shoes Review

Shimano SH-MW81 GORE-TEX Winter MTB Shoes ReviewAlthough winter mountain biking shoes are not a piece of equipment everybody will need due simply to the fact that most mountain bikers leave their bikes until warmer weather, those of us who do not want to stop just because the weather is bad have few options for keeping our feet warm and protected in such conditions. Honestly, I am not a fan of overshoes when temperatures drop below 10°C so a good winter MTB shoes are a must.

The Shimano SH-MW81 GORE-TEX shoes are an upgrade to their previous model the MW80 which up to now, was the only model Shimano offered for MTB shoes with cleats as far as I know. Continue reading

GORE Bike Wear ALP-X 2.0 WINDSTOPPER Gloves Review

GORE Bike Wear ALP-X 2.0 SO WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell GlovesWhen the temperatures start to drop below 15°C it is time to change your light full finger gloves to something that has more insulation and blocks the cold air thus keeping your hands warm and cozy. The GORE Bike Wear ALP-X 2.0 WINDSTOPPER Soft Shell Gloves are good choice for a late autumn / winter gloves mainly targeting mountain bikers that want to ride through the cold winter days.

Continue reading

Bicycle Tubes – Repair or Replace

Repairing a flat tire

When you do a lot of riding especially in cold and wet weather, a flat tire when you are a few miles from home can be very unpleasant thing to deal with. Other than walking home there are two options you are left with in such a scenario, repairing the punctured tube or replacing it (assuming that you are not riding tubeless tires). Continue reading